Monday, May 11, 2009

5 Day Stock Performers Through Friday 5.08.09

Through Friday's trading, 5.08.09

Above $10, 500k shrs daily, 300m cap
JRCC 53%, ZION 47%, CRZO 38%, TRLG 37%, LAMR 31%
FAS 28%, EWBC 28%, PLCE 27%, SIVB 27%, UNG 24%
CTCM 25%, APWR 22%, ECLP 21%

$5-10, 200m cap
VNDA 676%, CENX 74%, MNKD 50%, GFIG 44%
HBAN 39%, UNTD 39%, THQI 38%, DRYS 35%, CSIQ 35%
FITB 30%, LINTA 27%, AINV 24%, CVBF 23%
UCO 22%, BBEP 21%, TBSI 21%, APAC 20%

Monday, April 20, 2009

4 Week Stock Gainers Through Friday 4.17.09

Stocks are up a lot over the last four weeks, 11% is the median gain for all stocks. In fact, there are a couple of thousand stocks up that much. We had to keep the total number returned to a reasonable limit.

The criteria we used for this screen:
Price >$5, 250m mkt cap, 500k shrs daily, less than 3% debt, up 25% in four weeks - this returned 28 matches.

LULU 95%, CHIC 78%, SOLR 74%, RIMM 59%, GYMB 59%
ANN 58%, MPS 46%, AB 43%, CHS 41%
BEBE 39%, TIE 39%, OMG 39%, FRPT 38%,
TROW 37%, GRA 37%, JOSB 36%, ELX 35%
TBL 32%, BBBY 31%, GERN 31%, IPI 30%, HOTT 29%
VCLK 28%, GNTX 28%, ARST 27%, THO 27%, CMG 27%, FFIV 27%

5 Day Stock Gainers Through Friday 4.17.09

Above $8
These stocks were screened and met these criteria: >$8 per shr, >250m market cap, 500k shrs daily volume, no debt

LULU 22%, ALGN 18%, CHIC 15%, TRLG 12%, CMG 11%, PTEN 11%
CECO 9%, APOL 8%, CRR 7%, MDR 7%, SYK 7%, YHOO 7%, GYMB 7%
JOSB 6%, HTLD 6%, EXPD 6%

Stocks from $2-8
Criteria: $2-8 per shr, 250m cap, 300k shrs daily, <20% debt

GIGM 22%, ARUN 21%, BPZ 21%, DAR 20%
TC 13%, TIE 13%, GERN 12%, VSH 11%, FRPT 10%
CRME 9%, BEBE 9%, TRAD 9%, ZINC 9%
ERES 7%, IDTI 6%, ELX 6%

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Financials Explode on Wells EPS, Drive Market Up 4.09

Thursday, 4.09: Dow +3.1%@8083, SP500 +3.8%@857, Nasdaq +3.9%@1653

Wells Fargo (WFC) reported surprising earnings, sending financials soaring, here are some big bank stocks on Thursday alone, then some index and 2x ETFs, some unreal gains.

Big Banks
BAC 35.27%
C 12.59%
CS 7.17%
DB 10.81%
GS 8.35%
JPM 19.39%
MS 11.72%
STI 30.56%
UBS 9.50%
USB 22.84%
WFC 31.70%
ZION 26.38%

2x Index
DDM 5.96%
SSO 7.87%
QLD 5.99%
MVV 10.67%
SAA 11.90%
UWM 10.90%

3x Long
BGU 11.73% (R1000)
ERX 7.51% (Energy)
FAS 40.71% (Financials)
TNA 16.44% (R2000)

UYM 9.11% (Materials)
UGE 2.85%
UCC 5.27%
UYG 23.84% (Financials)
RXL 1.31%
UXI 11.39% (Industrials)
DIG 4.73%
URE 24.64% (Real Estate)
USD 9.51% (Semiconductors)
ROM 6.13%
UPW 0.30%

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Analysts Admit to Slanted Advice

Did anyone catch the Kudlow show yesterday on CNBC? I leave it on after Fast and Mad Money, otherwise I hate this former Reagan economic advisor, who thinks if you make rich people richer the money 'trickles down' to everyone! - we've just found out how that doesn't work - the wealthy simply move their wealth offshore so the IRA and US can't get to it. Whatever's left over after fur coats and yachts, that is.

What I wanted to pass on is that there were several stock analysts on who admitted that when on TV they "talk their book", in other words, not what they really think, but what they want you to do to help their own individual stock positions, long or short. They admitted that everyone who comes on tv sees that an an opportunity for a "free commercial" for themselves and their position. They said "Warren Buffet never tells you what he's doing, only what he's already done, you find out too late to invest alongside."

So, the gyst of all this is: IGNORE the tv and other analysts, they're not giving you the straight story. I had already found in the 80's that if you took all analysts into consideration, you'd find something like this: 6 buys, 4 holds, 5 sells. Meaning, "worthless advice", as you may as well toss a coin to get the real implied direction.

Somehow these charlatans still get air time, so one can assume that "financial networks" like CNBC are nothing more than giant informercials that run 16 or more hours a day, trying to "sell capitalism to everyone" that's gullible enough to get sucked in. All we end up doing for the most part is supporting the millions of "financial professionals" who are the parasites of capitalism, sucking away a portion of every investment dollar that hard-working citizens have been able to save.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5-Day and 4-Week Stock Gainers Through 4.03.09

Friday 4/03/09: Dow +40@8018, S&P +8 (1%) @842, Nasdaq +19 (1.2%) @1622

5-Day Stock Gainers
Only those >$8, 250m cap, 300k shrs daily,
Chg % is rounded to nearest integer

ASH 37%
LULU 31%
MAC 28%
CTV 26%
ALV 26%
SNX 21%
MXB 20%
SKX 20%
SYNA 19%
LPHI 18%
PLD 18%
PLT 18%
WYNN 18%
IDCC 17%
CNC 16.5%
ARB 16%
JCI 16%
PANL 16%
THO 16%
MV 15%

4-Week Stock Gainers
Only those >$10, 500m cap, 500k shrs daily (31)
Chg % rounded to nearest integer

CETV 176%
ASH 130%
BRY 122%
CEDC 122%
LAMR 107%
MET 104%
DB 103%
CNH 101%
PRU 100%
PAG 99%
ROC 99%
TXI 99%
WCG 93%
HOG 92%
WFC 89%
CTV 86%
CE 83%
HBI 80%
KBH 79%
MHK 78%
SIVB 77%
UTR 77%
CAKE 76%
MFC 75%
PGF 75%
MW 74%
USB 73%
SFD 73%
MDP 71%

Disclosure: Long FAS (3x long financials), and TNA (3x long R2000) as of 4.03.09

Sunday, March 15, 2009

4 Week Stock Gainers Through Friday 3-13-09

Criteria Used:
1. Market Cap > 250m
2. Price > $5
3. Debt < 15%
4. Volume > 300k daily
5. Price Gain > 15% (Market Median: -12%)

25 Matches Found
BWLD 45%
STEC 35%
BIG 31%
CBRL 30%
APKT 30%
ARST 29%
SWKS 29%
FL 27%
KMX 26%
BX 25%
CRM 25%
MW 24%
RGC 22%
CF 22%
SA 22%
CAVM 21%
STAR 21%
BEAT 20%
BBND 20%
TDC 19%
SIGM 19%
LINC 18%
CERN 17%
ZRAN 15%
MPWR 15%

5 Day Stock Gainers Through Friday 3-13-09

Here are the biggest five day stock performers

Price>$10, 500m cap minimum, 500k shrs traded daily
No Debt criteria [32 found]
WFC 72%
PRU 59%
USB 53%
DB 52%
COF 48%
CMA 48%
SLG 46%
MW 46%
ROH 45%
MET 43%
PNC 43%
JPM 40%
SGP 37%
BBT 38%
RJF 37%
KBE 36%
MTH 36%
MS 35%
CVTX 35%
VNO 35%
CPT 35%
DIOD 35%
TMK 34%
FIC 34%
STI 33%
KBH 33%
HOG 32%
FLR 31%
CE 31%
REG 31%
SGR 31%
BGU 30%

LOW DEBT - with debt<15%
[11 found]
MW 46%
FLR 31%
MDR 29%
RGC 29%
JEC 28%
ITG 28%
AB 27%
OMG 27%
ARST 26%
MPWR 26%
PWR 25%

LESS THAN $10, cap > 150m, debt<15%
[9 found]
SVNT 45%
CNH 45%
ARNA 41%
FCEL 35%
IMGN 28%
CHS 27%
GIL 26%
STEM 26%
TC 25%

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Common Sense Capitalism - Am I Crazy?

[from my rants, some sent to the Prez- National Rage (new!)]

I'm listening to the Republican reaction to President Obama's speech to Congress. I'm amazed at how they never really say anything new, but "lower taxes, stimulate the economy" and "we need less government" - naturally.

Well, we just had less government in the form of deregulation of banking, look at the result. We may as well have handed all those executives blank checks in the name of their companies, "here's billions to play with, and no federal oversight - go stimulate the economy". Of course, a lot of the money went overseas, stimulating other economies at the expense of our own. Call it "outsourcing", or simply investments in emerging economies, the simple fact is our money flowed out, not much came back.

If we leave it all up to capitalists, the results would have been even worse, and quicker. We have public committee oversight of utilities to keep them from making mistakes with energy we all need to survive. Why NOT the same for the banking industry? We act like they must be responsible fiscally, they have business or economic degrees. Well, the federal reserve had 1600 economists (with degrees) working full-time before this crisis occurred, and it still happened.

One side blames Congress, the other the President, but the simple fact for decades has been that the Republicans argue for more and more deregulation and when they get it, it simply fails. They tried in England, and Prime Minister Thatcher had to end de-regulation after U.S. corporations raised water and utility rates 200-300% and go back to basically nationalization of the utilities. They tried it in Argentina, through pressure from the IMF and World Bank who was refusing that government loans unless they went with deregulation, let U.S. corporations in and concurrently cut the average wages by 25%. Argentina gave in, got the loan, the result was massive demonstrations, rioting, martial law, death squads, and the 'disappeared'.

The facts have always proven out that capitalists will always seek the most profit for the least cost, and the public pays. Ironic, because the corporations need the public as consumers, else no sales, no profits, no corporations over time. They need to realize a healthy, well-paid consumer equates to successful sales and profits, and capitalism succeeds.

This means, higher costs paid to workers would benefit them overall, but no one company wants to raise wages. Less taxes for workers, more taxes for corporations would also increase consumerism, but how many do you hear say that works. Corporations say they pass on the taxes to consumers, so you're raising prices on them, but how about they simply make less money per year, instead of more and more? A healthy but sustainable profit is more valuable over time than ridiculously high profits that bankrupt everyone, such as when oil was $145 per barrel.

They can't charge us more and more annually for the same stuff and think that a six-hundred dollar rebate makes up for the daily gouging we go through on both sides: higher prices and wages that don't keep up. This is the real root of the problem, the system as it is operating doesn't work over time, more of the wealth produced has to be given to the working class, the consumers that pay for all the profits with purchases.

Having a few more millionaires buying expensive boats doesn't stimulate the overall economy, it's time we gave up that ridiculous pipe dream: most of us will never get wealthy from capitalism, we'll simply work for a wage all our lives and hope to live comfortably, and that should be enough.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

5-Day Stock Performers

I screened these before today's 380 pt "fed testimony plunge" in the Dow. So I created a link to Yahoo to get today's quotes, most were down with the market but some held up well and could show continued relative strength. Personally, I'm too afraid of this market to go long right now, so definitely don't take this as a recommendation to buy anything at all!

The List
Stocks over $10, up 20% in 5 days, over 250m cap, 400k shrs daily volume


Get Yahoo quotes for this list:

Yahoo Quote for Screened List

As one additional screen, if you only take stocks that are above both their 50 and 200-dma's (day moving averages), the list is reduced to six: AKAM, AN, EXP, FNF, ILMN, ITMN.

This means that over time, these stocks have remained in updtrends, the others are in long-term downtrends, yet may be reversing, or may simply be rebounding a little off their bottoms.